The lights- dawn & dusk

The breeze hit & heal

The season- please & cleanse

But my heart beat & deal.

The passion sweet & treat

The eyes sigh & fly

The mind think & twin

The rhythm beat& fleet.

The love so pure and sure

The faith so near and dear

The words so soft and short

For you I am abide and dignified.


My favourite sunflower

What is so passionate about this flower? May be its beauty but more importantly its ability to face the sun in anticipation, in love, in weary eyes waiting for its beloved!

Secondly, the reason to look at brightness always, not to get decieved by strong currents, swinging amongst the turmoils,winning again to feel the brightness!

This sweet sunflowers teach us the lessons of life unknowingly, to stand upright no matter what the circumstances are, to look at the shinning sun and spread the sweetness.


The days rotate endlessly, lovingly, passionately

With the beams of hope and aspirations

The bond are formed unknowingly, luckily

That walk with us hand in hand.

The friendship to restore, replenish,reflect

Our rays of attachment evergreen enchantment

To shine always in unison!


Oh God,
All thy creatures are sacred
From high to the low,
From heavenly bodies floating in the sky
To the ones walking below.
So beautiful is the co-ordination
How each creature stands apart,
Every life comes with soul magic
Of perception and fondness abstruse in the heart.
Such esoteric is the fervour of anthropogeny
To love and to be loved,
To pursue and sustain our engendering
Humbly we are in you, while we stand here huddled!

Mrs. Bharul R. Chhatbar